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Lisa Verdieck is a mother, attorney, realtor and animal advocate. The San Diego resident graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in radio, television and film before moving to San Diego to earn her Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law. With a strong sense of leadership, Lisa takes pride in helping people achieve their goals whether it be in her legal practice or in real estate. She is also committed to improving the lives of neglected animals and supports her friends at Tijuana Paws N Whiskers and fosters rescues in need of medical treatment.

Each morning, she wakes up to her five-year-old jumping into her bed and giving her a good morning kiss. They take this time to enjoy 15 minutes of quiet time before breakfast and the busy day ahead. This usually consists of overnight oats, yogurt with fruit and granola, or eggs and cottage cheese. This is followed by feeding the animals and giving them some love before heading out the door for the day. Everyone is dressed and out the door by 8 A.M., absent the occasional argument about why her little human cannot wear flip flops to school.

Midday Routine
While her son is at school, she makes the most of her day by staying organized. Family is her top priority, and running a law firm and real estate group would leave her little time for her favorite people (and animals) without good time management. She is very mindful of where she puts her time and energy and refuses to put good energy into negativity. She reminds us that it is important to get in front of problems or potential conflict as it is crucial to move forward with intent and purpose in life.

Afternoon Activities
Aside from working as an attorney and real estate salesperson for most of the day, Lisa’s biggest joy is watching her son grow, whether he is interacting with his friends or she is cheering him on as he plays sports. He currently plays tennis, t-ball, and soccer but is looking forward to starting training to be a ninja this summer. He also helps her care for the pets by giving them some extra love and their morning breakfast.

After work and activities are done for the day, Lisa usually makes a healthy dinner that consists of protein, vegetables, and something a little heartier. Fish is the main dish as it is the family favorite. They never forget the after-dinner treat as a reward for eating a healthy dinner. It also serves as a bribe to get someone in the bathtub and on track for the bedtime routine. Bedtime is a flexible 7:45 P.M. which can linger to approximately 8:15 P.M. Before going to bed herself, Lisa enjoys reflecting on the day and planning out the next over glass of wine and some meditation.


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