Liliana Bon-Olea
By Angelica Gavaldon

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Liliana Bon-Olea is a health coach that has inspired many to follow a healthier lifestyle, starting by loving yourself. She is talented at preparing healthy, delicious meals that makes even kids love their greens. Find inspiration from this incredible woman who makes a busy life seem effortless. This is a day in her life:

6 am: Getting her day started

Liliana wakes up early to work out for an hour at home. Her exercise routine consists of cardio, weightlifting, spinning or jogging, and doing upper-body workouts. By 7 am, she is making breakfast, which will usually be 8 glasses of water with lemon and Himalayan salt. To boost her immune system, she also makes a turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper shot. Afterwards, she takes the kids to school, leaving herself time to meditate before starting the day.

12 pm: Mid-day activities  

Liliana coaches people about new ways to be healthy and she has a podcast, Lilibon Life, which is posted once a week. In each episode, guests discuss wellness and health, including nutrition, holistic approach and the psychology of emotions and overall well-being. One of the reasons she has remained motivated and passionate about her profession as a coach is that she once struggled with food and later developed Hashimoto’s disease, which can cause hypothyroidism. From having to be on meds to not being able to fully enjoy life, she was inspired to begin reading and discovering nutrition, psychological tools, and ways to stay active and healthy. Now, she loves coaching and sharing her knowledge to help others.

1 pm: Lunch

When it comes to lunch, Liliana is very creative as she tries lots of different types of foods. Some of her favorites include tomato and bell pepper soup, macadamia creamy Caesar vegan salad, or grilled wild salmon and broccoli.

3 pm: Afternoon activities 

Liliana starts her afternoons by having an herbal tea to de-stress. It also helps her balance work and family demands, like taking her kids to their activities including soccer, taekwondo and music classes. Luckily, she has the support of her husband to make sure her family always remains the top priority.

6 pm: Dinner and winding down

For dinner, Liliana will have light like veggies, a salad or soup. She then dives into her nighttime routine, which starts with helping her children with homework, getting them showered, and putting them to bed. Then, she will make some chamomile tea and Tulsi, as well as magnesium citrate or triphala ayurvedic herb mixed with psyllium and milled flaxseed with water to help cleanse her small intestine. Then her beauty routine includes an infrared sauna to help with pain, stress and inflammation. It is important for her to end the day with self-care and love to remain mentally and spiritually healthy. Being in the present while doing a relaxing activity is what helps her stay positive and end her day with a clear head. Finally, she winds down day by taking a shower, answering some final emails and going to sleep to recharge.

If there are three things you can learn from Liliana they are to maintain a healthy work-life balance, prioritize your health, and ensure that you leave some time for yourself at the end of the day so you can continue to put your best foot forward.


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