Foster Care Awareness Month

A current afha family

May is recognized as National Foster Care Awareness month. While foster care is traditionally known for children, Home of Guiding Hands (HGH) is one of the few agencies in San Diego with foster care program for adults. In 2021 there were roughly 1,500 adults in foster care throughout the state. HGH, which serves more than 3,500 people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, offers this unique program where adults achieve the dream of living with a family they can call their own. The program connects people with special needs to loving families. All you need is a warm heart, a loving home, and a readiness to make difference in someone’s life. And in return, you will gain a life changing experience.


Meet two HGH foster care families.

“Being part of the HGH Foster Care Program has reminded me to value the simplicity of joy and laughter.”
Teressa is relatively new to the HGH foster care program, but it has been her lifelong dream to be a foster parent. She is thrilled to provide a warm and enriching home to a young woman named Maria.
Teressa shares, “Being part of the foster care program has been the most rewarding and meaningful experience I have encountered. It is amazing to see Maria feel that she finally has a place and family to call her own. There is nothing like being able to mentor your foster client and watch them reach milestones that would have not been possible otherwise. Maria and I spend time together as a family and are learning from one another each day. It has been an adventure being part of the adult foster program and a rewarding experience.”


“My life and my family’s life are forever changed from being part of this program.”
Ana had raised her three biological children when she decided she wanted to foster. And not just foster anyone, but two young men with special needs. Anthony and John came into Ana’s life twenty years ago.
Ana shares “My biological children are now adults living on their own but were teenagers when Anthony and John came into our lives. They grew up together and view each other as siblings. We all spend time together for weekly dinners, holidays, and family vacations. The boys are not my clients but my sons.” Anthony and John are included and experience the joys of their home and family unit.
Ana assists the boys with their daily activities such as cleaning, preparing meals, and money management. Ana shares “The boys have become such a huge part of our family that we cannot imagine life without them.”

If you can see yourself as a foster parent, HGH is always looking for people who want to open their heart and home to an adult with special needs. We offer extensive training, one-on-one support, and a generous monthly stipend for every foster family. For more information, contact Lindsey Klaus at (619) 873-8209 or visit

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