Connecting for a Cure

Camella and richard elliot

Dance for Diabetes Event Empowers Research and Raises Hope

The Diabetes Research Connection (DRC) is a groundbreaking organization dedicated to advancing the fight against Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). This chronic autoimmune disease affects both children and adults, necessitating daily insulin injections and continuous blood sugar monitoring. With 1.6 million Americans currently living with T1D and approximately 68,000 new diagnoses each year, the need for a cure is more pressing than ever.

Established in 2012 by a group of passionate advocates for diabetes research, the DRC recognized the crucial importance of investing in the future of T1D cures. Since its inception, the DRC has successfully funded over 60 projects, with plans to fund at least 10 more grants in 2023 alone. The organization’s Scientific Review Committee, comprised of top T1D researchers in the country, ensures that only the most promising and impactful research receives support. At the heart of the DRC’s mission is the aim to connect donors with early-career scientists, enabling them to conduct peer-reviewed, novel research focused on preventing and curing T1D, reducing its complications, and improving the quality of life for those affected by the disease. The organization’s unwavering commitment to seeking out the most promising T1D research across the country provides hope for individuals living with this debilitating condition.

However, the DRC cannot fulfill its mission without the generous support of donors. It is through the collective efforts of the community that the organization can continue its vital work until diabetes is eliminated. One way to contribute to this cause is by attending the 2023 Dance for Diabetes, a remarkable event supporting the DRC’s mission to fund innovative research for T1D.

Richard Elliott, a renowned saxophonist, and his wife Camella, are hosting the highly anticipated Dance for Diabetes event on Saturday, September 30, 2023. The couple shares a personal connection to the cause as their son Bub was diagnosed with T1D at a young age. Even before their son’s diagnosis, Richard was actively involved in organizing fundraising events for diabetes. This firsthand experience has given them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by families affected by the disease. With the support of his family, Bub has not let his diagnosis deter him and even opened a fitness center called Metroflex Miramar in December 2020.

Dance for Diabetes will be held at Richard and Camella’s home, with a tropical Hawaiian theme setting the stage for an evening of joy and philanthropy. Featuring the energetic DW3 party band, the event is expected to draw a crowd of over 300 people. Attendees can look forward to a raffle with 20 exciting items and a live auction.

This event not only serves as a fundraiser but also raises awareness for those less familiar with T1D and its impact. By coming together, attendees can make a difference in the lives of individuals living with T1D and contribute to the pioneering research supported by the DRC. The organization remains steadfast in its dedication to finding a cure for T1D and thanks to the generosity of its compassionate donors, the DRC continues to pave the way for innovative research and to provide hope for a future where T1D is no longer a daily struggle. Together, we can connect for a cure and transform the lives of millions.


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