Chicano Federation and Southwest Airlines Working Together to Support San Diego Communities

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Established in 1969, Chicano Federation’s mission is to invest in under-resourced communities through various programs aimed at building resiliency and promoting self-sufficiency. Their vision is for our diverse community to thrive. Chicano Federation’s programs and services address San Diego’s most critical needs by offering subsidized care for infants and toddlers, early childhood education at a preschool in Barrio Logan, healthy meals for over 7,500 children each month, 300 units of affordable housing at nine apartment buildings in Barrio Logan, City Heights and South Park neighborhoods of San Diego, and a workforce development program that has helped thousands of women start family child care homes across San Diego County. Now, in their 54th year, Chicano Federation is the lead advocate for equity and ensuring that the well-being of our most under-resourced communities is a priority in San Diego County.

Southwest Airlines has been a longtime supporter of Chicano Federation as the organization’s Official Airline. Spanning a multi-year partnership, Southwest Airlines has proven to be a dedicated partner in Chicano Federation’s advocacy, programs and services. Southwest Airlines has provided support in various ways to Chicano Federation, such as flight vouchers that have supported our staff’s travels to conferences and presentations for professional development, to getting their team up to the California State Capitol and Washington DC to advocate for the families they serve.

Rooted in advocacy, Chicano Federation regularly meets with local, state and federal elected officials to lobby for policies that directly affect the community members they serve. One of the main advocacy efforts they participate in is HOPE’s Latina Action Day, a day where Latinas from all over the State of California visit Sacramento to support policies that advance equity for Latinas. Chicano Federation supports policy changes in areas such as pay transparency, education and workforce development, all of which are at the forefront during Latina Action Day. “Chicano Federation is so grateful that our partnership with Southwest Airlines allows our advocacy efforts to have a further reach. Through our advocacy efforts we allow the voices of the thousands of families and individuals we serve to be represented,” says Liz Ramírez, CEO of Chicano Federation.

Chicano Federation remains steadfast in putting community first in and leading impactful change in San Diego County and beyond. An impact made possible through the support of partners like Southwest Airlines.


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Esteban Villanueva