Championing Effective PR for a Diverse San Diego

Supervisor Nora Vargas and Susy Villegas

In the world of public relations, a seasoned leader like Susana Villegas stands out – not just for her expertise but also for her unwavering commitment to creating meaningful connections. As the president of SVPR Communications, Susana has leveraged her extensive background in communications and her passion for bridging cultural divides to make a profound impact on San Diego’s landscape.

Susana’s journey into the world of public relations was inspired by her role as a liaison to various organizations and community leaders starting with San Diego City Council President Ben Hueso. She noticed a common challenge among these organizations – the struggle to convey their stories effectively to both decision-makers and their constituents. It was this realization that ignited her desire to help these voices be heard, especially in a diverse border region like San Diego.

Having grown up in Mexico City and earning her degree in communications there, Susana brought a unique perspective to the field, emphasizing the importance of culturally appropriate and bilingual communication. This perspective became the cornerstone of SVPR Communications.
The driving force behind SVPR Communications was Susana’s determination to eradicate poorly executed Spanish-language communications that simply amounted to translations, devoid of cultural sensitivity and linguistic precision. She saw an opportunity to make a difference, particularly for the underserved communities in south San Diego that were often isolated from the larger San Diego community. Susana realized that strategically designed and executed public relations could be the key to breaking these barriers.

What fuels Susana’s career is a two-fold passion. First, she thrives on the opportunity to immerse herself in the businesses of her clients, each with its unique challenges. Second, she finds inspiration in the moment when a message lands perfectly, resonating with clients, customers, and constituents alike, whether in English or Spanish. It is the affirmation that her work is not only effective, but also a catalyst for understanding and connection.

Susana’s commitment to the well-being of her community is evident in her involvement with numerous nonprofits. She has chaired the boards of the Barrio Logan College Institute and the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce, in addition to serving on the boards of Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and the Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center.
To Susana, giving back is not just a noble endeavor; it is a measure of one’s legacy. She believes that true success lies in the impact one has on others’ lives. Did she provide opportunities for others to find their voice? Did she build bridges that enriched people’s lives? For Susana, these questions are at the heart of why giving back is so important.
In Susana’s view, effective leadership is about harnessing the best in people – their ideas, time, passion, and resources – to achieve a shared goal, even when that goal may seem daunting. It is about creating an environment where individuals can contribute their unique talents and collaborate towards a common purpose.

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Kamran Saeed