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Camp Connect reunites brothers and sisters who are separated and living apart in foster care, and this is one of the critical programs offered by local nonprofit, Promises2Kids. Through monthly visits, group outings, and a summer camp, siblings have opportunities to see one another and maintain their bonds. Promises2Kids is dedicated to creating a brighter future for foster children in San Diego County, by providing the hope, support, and opportunities they need to change their lives for the better.

It was smiles as wide as the silver screen for 49 children and 20 volunteers who spent the day getting lost in some of the most memorable movies at Universal Studios Hollywood. There was something to light up every face. It was a day filled with thrilling rides, delicious treats, and real-life characters.

For siblings Theo (6), Ash (9), and Alexis (10), it was a big day that they had been looking forward to for months. They entered care in 2022 due to severe abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, they were placed in separate placements and are living apart.

The anticipation of waiting in lines for the rides was almost too much to bear before Alexis suggested they play “I Spy.” As they quickly focused on trying to outsmart each other, the time flew by. Each had fun guessing, and Ash groaned before laughing when the object was revealed to be right under his nose.

When it came time to settle down on the bus ride home, it was clear that this was time well spent. They had an entire section to themselves to sprawl out and reflect on a busy day making memories together. Alexis pulled up video clips on her phone of movies with the characters they had met that day, and while watching, Ash let Theo borrow his jacket because he was cold. Later, they took turns taking photos of each other with Theo’s new Minions plush on each of their heads. “I’ll do it as long as you send me the one of you, Alexis,” Ash said.

As Promises2Kids often finds at these big events, every moment including the little ones, are truly cherished.
Thanks to the generous support of the community, siblings like Theo, Ash, and Alexis, will have the opportunity to reconnect again next month.
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