Mobilizing Hope and Saving Lives in San Diego

Mobilizing Hope and Saving Lives in San Diego

The San Diego Blood Bank’s dedication to Southern California patients is demonstrated through its mission of connecting diverse communities to save and improve lives through blood and biotherapies. A vital resource to SDBB’s blood collection efforts is its bloodmobile fleet. In collaboration with local churches, schools, and companies, SDBB organized over 1,800 mobile blood drives last year alone, collecting nearly half of the blood supply required to provide a safety net for our community.

To continue meeting the growing demand for blood, they are seeking your support. By joining forces, you can help raise the remaining $300,000 needed to acquire a new bloodmobile that will significantly enhance SDBB’s capabilities in collecting life-saving blood. With your generous contribution, you can help ensure a reliable and sustainable blood supply for those who depend on it the most.

SDBB’s bloodmobiles role:

SDBB’s bloodmobiles play a crucial role in reaching communities across Southern California. Through their Mobile Blood Collection program, they collected 38,179 units of blood last year. This impacted the lives of 114,537 patients from diverse backgrounds, ranging from children to adults of all socio-economic and ethnic groups. The stories of hope and resilience born from these blood donations are truly inspiring.

Take, for example, Mason, an 11-year-old patient at Rady Children’s Hospital. Mason’s journey began with low hemoglobin levels, which led to an extended hospital stay. He required multiple blood transfusions, and thanks to the generosity of SDBB blood donors, he received the life-saving blood he needed. Today, despite Crohn’s disease, he continues to thrive and cherishes the gift of life that blood donors provided him.

Another remarkable story is that of Keely, who suffered life-threatening injuries after a severe fall from a ski lift. She underwent multiple surgeries and relied on extensive medical support. Throughout her month-long hospitalization, Keely required an astonishing 30 units of blood products. Today, she not only actively donates blood but also advocates for the importance of blood donation, motivated by the profound impact it had on her own life.

Your support is crucial in ensuring a robust blood supply for patients like Mason and Keely. By partnering with SDBB, you can make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of our community. Your donation, no matter the size, can save lives and provide hope to those in need of transfusions.
SDBB also welcomes corporate support in achieving their mission. If your company is interested in exploring partnerships with SDBB, please reach out to Susan Josephson, Development Manager, at (619) 400-8320.

To make a meaningful contribution, you are invited to visit or contact Cherryl Castro-Lector, Director of Development, at (619) 400-8214.
Please help spread the word about this cause among your friends and family. Together, we can bring hope through the power of blood donation.

Thank you for being an invaluable supporter of the San Diego Blood Bank. Your generosity and dedication make a significant difference in saving lives in our community.

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Kamran Saeed