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Expanding equitable access to Early Care and Education

Early care and education sets the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health, while ensuring intergenerational economic mobility, and healthy communities. However, the lack of access to childcare in San Diego is forcing caregivers to choose between employment and ensuring their children have proper care. According to the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, there are currently 74,000 children under the age of six with no access to childcare. The shortage of affordable early care and education in our region is taking parents out of the workforce and leads to hiring and retention issues for employers.

MAAC is uniquely positioned to address these issues simultaneously. For over 45 years, MAAC has been leading the way in the early care and education space, providing no cost comprehensive services to nearly 1,800 children and their families annually. The organization prioritizes individualized support for each child and recognizes the importance of empowering families with tools for their child’s learning. MAAC also assists caregivers with job opportunities, financial literacy training, mental healthcare, and housing, understanding all these components are necessary for families to achieve economic mobility.

The deep understanding of the challenges impacting the child development sector and families is why MAAC partnered with Palomar College and Early Care & Education Pathways to Success for its Next Level: Early Care & Education Apprenticeship Program. The only one of its kind in San Diego County, this program offers free college coursework in child development, paid on-the-job training, and additional support including tutoring, technology, and career-readiness training. Once participants complete the two-year program, they have the qualifications to apply for an Associate Teacher Permit and are prepared for living-wage employment. Through this innovative program, MAAC will increase the early care and education workforce, ensure children get quality education, and set up the graduates of this program for economic mobility.

There are always ways you can partner with MAAC and help families have access to early care and education. To learn more about MAAC, please visit or contact Susan Arias, Director of Philanthropy at (619) 779-2576.


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