Barrio Logan College Institute: Breaking Poverty Cycles

Barrio Logan College Institute

Barrio Logan College Institute mission is to break the cycle of poverty by preparing underserved students to be the first in their families to go to college through after school programs that begin in third grade.

The Challenge

Barrio Logan is primarily a Latino community near downtown San Diego of rich cultural heritage and history. Unfortunately, it struggles with low educational attainment and high poverty rates. Low levels of education are associated with crime, low civic engagement, and poor health outcomes. Education is the answer, however, our local schools are underserved.

38% = Adults age 25 and older in the Barrio Logan community with a high school diploma.

3% = Adults age 25 and older in the Barrio Logan community with a bachelor’s degree.

$25,000 =  The average annual household income for a family of four in Barrio Logan.

393 to 1 = The average student to counselor ratio at local high schools. Most guidance counselors are overwhelmed with administrative and disciplinary responsibilities and are not properly trained in college admissions.

Our Impact

We start preparing kids for college and careers through after school programs that begin in third grade and support them through college completion. Our programs are open from 3:30pm to 8pm Monday through Thursday and we conduct educational field trips on weekends. During the summer, we connect students to a variety of enrichment camps through our partners. We have received local, statewide and national distinction for our results.

54% = BLCI middle and high school students who maintain above a 3.5 Grade Point Average in school.

100% = BLCI students who graduate high school.

100% = BLCI students who enroll in college.

>90% = BLCI students who have gone through the College Success Program and remain in college working towards a degree.

60 to 1 = BLCI’s student to college and career advisor ratio. Our college and career advisors work closely with each student and their family to chart a path to success.

20 to 1 = BLCI’s student to instructor ratio in Steps to Success Workshops. Students are required to attend weekly workshops that teach them how to become successful academically and personally.

1 to 1 = BLCI’s tutor to student ratio. Our specialized tutors work individually with students to improve their academic performance. Tutors also serve as mentors for students who need the most help.

Barrio Logan College Institute Contact Info

Barrio Logan College Institute
1625 Newton Ave, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92113

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