Alexza Padilla

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Alexza Padilla is from a Tijuana Mexico, at only 21 years of age she has a combination of talent, discipline, drive and a need to impact lives to be healthier. She is a great example of how living a healthy life is all about delicious nourishment and balance.

6 AM Wake up time
Alexza Padilla wakes up to start a new day. For breakfast she usually has two sunny side up eggs and avocado along with a cold green pressed juice from The Immune Bar. Lastly accompanied by coffee with collagen, ashwagandha, reishi, lion’s mane, maca and cinnamon. Her exercise routine consists of running and hiking.

7 AM Work
Alexza works at her own business, The Immune Bar, a cold pressed juice store that also sells healthy snacks. She shares that all the cold pressed juice recipes were made by a nutritionist and that they do not add any water, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Their juices are raw and cold pressed and are a delicious and efficient way of getting your fruits and vegetables since all the minerals, vitamins and enzymes of the produce are retained throughout the process.

Padilla shares with us that the beginning of the pandemic brought change to people’s conventional practices which inspired her to learn more about the disease and how the word, immune, stood out the most. This is how Alexza learned that optimal nutrition impacts the immune system and one way to strengthen the body is by eating nutrient rich foods.

Alexza started learning about cold pressed juice and its benefits for boosting the immune system. She started making many different types of juice at home and noticed how she started having more energy, more mental clarity and her body was detoxifying. This how she was inspired to share the importance of nutrition and benefits by drinking cold pressed juice. Then her mother brought to her the idea to start her own business, The Immune Bar.

1 PM Lunch
For lunch Alexza has macro-friendly bowls. She shares that each Sunday she prepares meals for her week that usually consists of red quinoa, tri-colored quinoa, brown rice, cauliflower rice or beans for base. Then she adds some greens and roasted vegetables depending on the season. Right now, it is cauliflower, broccoli and beets. Lastly, she adds some protein whether roasted tofu, chicken, salmon or eggs. For healthy fats, some almonds or avocado.

8 PM Closing time
Around 8 – 9 pm Alexza Padilla closes her business and goes home to enjoy some family time. For her, mental health is also important and shares how she journals each day three things she is thankful for and what she learned during the day. Lastly for dinner would be some protein smoothie or oatmeal with berries and she goes to bed around 11 PM.


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