57 Years of Service

Maac headstart program in the 1980s

MAAC has worked to improve the overall health and strength of San Diego’s most underserved communities by providing comprehensive social services in the areas of Economic Development, Education, Health & Well-being, Housing, and Advocacy & Leadership Development. Since 1965, the organization has been a social justice advocate using principles of diversity, equity and inclusion as driving forces for its work, and has proudly served more than two million individuals throughout the County.

For generations, MAAC has responded to the challenges faced by the community by evolving its programs to meet current needs, and the last few years were no different. As the pandemic intensified the economic disparities in our region, MAAC leveraged its staff, resources and relationships to ensure that the organization continued to be the critical community partner that San Diego has relied on for decades.

MAAC is currently focused on rebuilding the region’s economic landscape and has invested $1.2 million to expand workforce development opportunities for lower- and middle-income households. In addition, the organization is developing more than 1,200 new units of affordable housing in San Diego and Imperial Counties to increase the number of safe, quality homes for working families. With an economic impact exceeding $200 million to our local economy each year, MAAC is transforming the lives of thousands of San Diegans.

MAAC has come a long way since its beginnings. Today, the organization continues its commitment to ensuring equitable access to affordable housing, education, and employment opportunities so that all individuals and families can thrive.

Join us in celebration of MAAC’s milestones and impact in the community at the 2022 MAAC Soirée, presented by Bank of America and Southwest Airlines, on Thursday, October 27 at The Lane in downtown San Diego. To learn more about MAAC’s programs and services or to buy tickets to the MAAC Soirée, please visit www.MAACproject.org.

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Esteban Villanueva