10 Things About Tony Finn & Bike For Humanity



I’m constantly surprised that I am so successful.

Tony Finn popularized the sport of wakeboarding by designing the Skurfer, a cross between a water ski and surfboard. By 1988, the Skurfer was being distributed by more than 400 stores across the U.S. and in 40 countries. When Tony sold his business, he began commentating on wakeboarding competitions for ESPN, as well as other sports including the X Games. In 1997, Tony created another company – Liquid Force which is widely recognized as the No. 1 wakeboard brand in the world.

Being a man of ideas, passion, purpose and action, Tony was not going to sit idly when the Shelter in Place Order for COVID-19 was issued. Tony came up with #BikeForHumanity and called his friend Bill Walton to volunteer with him. #BikeForHumanity is a virtual bike ride to raise money for those most impacted by COVID-19 and the health care workers who are risking their lives to save others. Over 500 organizations and media outlets across the country have helped share #BikeForHumanity’s mission in which all net proceeds go to Champions for Health, Father Joe’s Villages, Feeding America, Feeding San Diego and Get Us PPE.


10 Things About Tony Finn & Bike For Humanity


#1 I grew up in Los Angeles, mostly on the west side.

#2 I was 11 when I first started surfing; my older brother taught me although he was a pretty bad teacher.

#3 When I was growing up, I would go on water ski trips with my uncle Bob. I liked water skiing okay, but thought it was kind of boring. So, we used to bring our surfboards and started doing that behind the boat.

#4 We were the first company to successfully market wakeboarding. We added straps to the board so you could jump, do flips, and get huge air. That is what made it more accessible and bigger.

#5 My favorite travel destination is Tavarua, Fiji; it is a secluded island with great waves and great people.

#6 I hope to someday get to Baldface, Canada – a private, snowboarding cottage.

#7 Whenever I am having a tough day, I listen to the Grateful Dead, Talia Meyden and Ada Pasternak who did a virtual concert benefitting #BikeForHumanity.

#8 I try to be nice to everyone no matter what.

#9 Corona Virus is killing all these people; everyone is super bummed out. Bill and I are turning this negative situation into something positive people can do to help others.

#10 Bike For Humanity is an ongoing event. We are going to keep on doing them and help as many people as we can. You can go to our website to get involved and show your support for everyone working the front lines.