10 Things About Tina Estrada & San Ysidro Health


“Un día a la vez”
Translation: One day at a time


The mission of San Ysidro Health is to improve the health and well-being of the communities they serve, with access for all. In the late 1960s, San Ysidro had only one physician for every 7,000 residents. The founders of San Ysidro Health, “El Club de Madres,” opened the first clinic, “Casita,” in 1969, addressing this healthcare gap. Today, San Ysidro Health has expanded to 50 clinic and program sites, serving over 145,000 patients across the county, including North County and Rural East County. Christina (Tina) Estrada is a Family Resource Coordinator who has dedicated 43 years of service to San Ysidro Health.

#1 I was born in San Diego, having spent most of my life in San Ysidro. The movie “Salt of the Earth,” is based on my family’s struggle for safe working conditions in the New Mexico copper mines.


#2 In my high school days at Southwest High in South Bay, I received the “The Coca-Cola Girl” recognition for my athleticism. I excelled in basketball, volleyball, softball, track & field and shotput, even becoming a CIF finalist, and holding a record for over a decade.


#3 Loreto, Baja California, holds a special place in my heart. The serene drive and beautiful waters make it a relaxing getaway.


#4 I would like to travel cross-country with my family to create lasting memories with my granddaughters. There are countless sights across the United States we want to explore together.


#5 Israel beckons me due to my faith, rich history, historical sites, and the chance to immerse myself in its culture.

#6 While at SDSU, I discovered my true calling in a social work class. An internship opportunity led me to San Ysidro Health, and I have remained committed for an incredible 43 years.


#7 This year, San Ysidro Health celebrated the centennial birthday of our last surviving founding mother, Mrs. Carmen Martinez, marking a remarkable milestone.


#8 In the 92173 (San Ysidro) zip code, children’s life expectancy is 10 years less than in more affluent areas of San Diego County.


#9 San Ysidro Health’s 5th Annual El Zapatón (The Big Shoe in Spanish) – Shoes for Wellness & Holiday Health Fair aims to provide essential wellness screenings, immunizations and gift cards for new shoes to children aged 5-17.


#10 Although new shoes may not be an obvious aspect of children’s health, they make a meaningful difference in the lives of families served by San Ysidro Health. Your support can brighten the holidays for these deserving children.

San Ysidro Health
5th Annual El Zapaton
December 7, 2023

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