10 Things About Stacy Kellner Rosenberg & San Diego Opera


“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Opera is for everyone: the art form tells our stories using music and voice in a way that is moving and transformative. San Diego has been lucky to have an excellent opera company in its midst which enhances the cultural offerings that make our city so attractive. In addition, San Diego Opera provides jobs and education, making it a vital part of our community. San Diego Opera will be honoring Stacy Kellner Rosenberg at their Midsummer Gala for Stacy’s service as a member of the Board of Directors as well as their Vice President of Finance.

10 Things About Stacy Kellner Rosenberg & San Diego Opera



#1 I grew up in that fabulous place called Brooklyn, New York. You can still hear my accent.


#2 Our dog, Maggie, died about a year after we moved to San Diego. My daughter and I drove cross-country to make the move because Maggie was too old to fly. After a crazy few dogless years, we are looking forward to a new puppy joining us this month.


#3 If I did not live in San Diego, I would probably choose Umbria in Italy. There is something about Italy that just draws me.


#4 I am both a morning person and a night owl. But do not ask me to focus on anything challenging in the afternoon.


#5 I always wanted to sing but alas I am tone-deaf.



#6 I taught statistics at a major university. The domestic side of me crochets and needlepoints. Currently I am needlepointing tooth fairy pillows for all of the little people in my life.


#7 I love to lose myself in a good book or work my way through the meaty articles in the New Yorker magazine.


#8 I would like to see everyone read a good newspaper and think critically about what you have read. You will be a better citizen.


#9 I am inspired by the bold decision of San Diego Opera to safely present drive-in performances when other opera companies were only online, mostly rerunning recorded performances. San Diego Opera was one of the only opera companies in the world honoring artist contracts during the pandemic, and in addition, these performances employed hundreds of locals, many who had been out of work since March of 2020. There is no substitute for live performance or the opportunities it presents.


#10 A portion of the net proceeds from our Midsummer Gala, will go to operations and since SDO is still rebuilding its financial foundation, the balance will be designated to a reserve fund by the Board of Directors to ensure future programming.


San Diego Opera
Midsummer Gala – “Musical Mosaics”
June 26, 2021
6 PM (in-person), 7:30 PM (virtual)
The Gardens of the Estancia Hotel, La Jolla

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