Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all.

Saved in America is a non-profit organization of volunteers who are former law enforcement officers, Special Operators, and Navy SEALs-turned licensed and insured private investigators. Saved In America assists parents and law enforcement in locating missing and runaway children. As a private investigator and the volunteer VP for Saved in America, Kirby D. Horrell has assisted in the investigation and location of children nationwide. 60% of all recovered children were found before being trafficked.


#1 I grew up on a farm in Missouri and then moved to St Louis.


#2 I have traveled to over 60 other countries in my career as a US NAVY SEALs and after all that travel, I would still choose San Diego as my home.


#3 I try to work hard, stay healthy and stay focused on the things that matter and take care of others. God is watching over all of us. Do the right thing when nobody’s watching.


#4 I am an accomplished woodworker and wooden bowl designer and love working to construct and design stained glass projects.


#5 When I have a free moment, I like to sit out on my back deck and watch the ships as they enter the harbor passing Point Loma and have a glass of wine from one of our local East County vineyards.

#6 I am married to a wonderful woman and the love we share with our 3 beautiful granddaughters keeps us very entertained.


#7 At no charge to families, we volunteer to assist parents and law enforcement to locate missing, runaway and exploited children – the groups most vulnerable to sexual trafficking.


#8 For victims of sexual exploitation, we assist in procuring legal representation, safe housing, and rehabilitative therapy. We also provide assistance to high-risk juvenile shelters to protect children from further exploitation by pimps and predators.


#9 Child Sex Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the United States. California is usually the #1 state and 3 out of 4 victims, are U.S. citizens. Children are spending more time online at home now more than ever- that is where the traffickers are. The CDC has stated that 18,000 kids a day are sending naked photos online and 9,000 kids a day are being blackmailed, which 58% of them will go out and meet up with the blackmailer to try to get their image back and often get further violated or assaulted.


#10 We must work together to educate our community, help vulnerable children in need, and eradicate child sex trafficking in our country.

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