10 Things About Jo Ann Kilty & San Diego Symphony

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“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”
– Coco Chanel

The San Diego Symphony, through unquestionable commitment to the highest levels of artistic achievement, seeks to elevate human potential by providing a shared sense of pride and belonging to something bigger than any of us can achieve alone. San Diego Symphony offers audiences the wonder of live music and transformative learning experiences that develop an understanding and passion for the arts. San Diego Symphony serves and shapes the culture of our region, by being for all and with all, the musical heart of San Diego. Jo Ann Kilty is a member of the San Diego Symphony’s “Player With a Partner” sponsorship program. “Partner With a Player” gives supporters a fun opportunity to make friends with their Symphony partners and learn more about life inside the orchestra. Partners are invited to the most highly anticipated event of the year, the annual “Partner with a Player” onstage side-by-side experience and dinner.


#1 I grew up in Denver, Colorado.


#2 I was Honored Queen of Job’s Daughters, Bethel Number 15, Denver, Colorado.


#3 My favorite travel destination is any place on the Mediterranean.


#4 I think Spain and Portugal will be my next adventure. I am also interested in visiting Australia. I am looking forward to visiting the famous Opera House in Sydney.


#5 My favorite movie is “Somewhere in Time” with Christopher Reeve. I love both the movie and the score.


#6 I have a lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Miss Cinnamon.


#7 Without people who are willing to support their community, there is no chance for an expanding cultural life. San Diegans can be very proud of their healthy and growing arts community.


#8 Music has always been important to me and having a good Symphony Orchestra really defines a city. The City of San Diego and San Diego Symphony have grown up together. The last 10 years have been particularly thrilling – to go from imagining a tiny model to the reality of a gorgeous Shell sitting on our bay evokes strong emotions. The sound system is magical. I still get a lump in my throat every time I walk through the gates.


#9 I know that our new home in Symphony Hall will be equally impactful. I cannot resist going to enjoy the music written by our “old” friends, the masters, as well as the new innovations of the artists of today.


#10 “Music Connects” is the San Diego Symphony’s commitment to music for everyone. We partner with direct service nonprofit organizations and government agencies serving active military, veterans and their families across San Diego County and Tijuana to provide free tickets to performances.


San Diego Symphony

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