10 Things About Eileen Herman &
Symphony at Salk


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The Salk Institute embodies Jonas Salk’s mission to dare to make dreams into reality. After developing the first safe and effective polio vaccine, he was inspired to create a place where the best scientific minds could pursue transformative discoveries in their fields. Today, scientists at the Salk Institute are exploring innovative ways to tackle some of the most pressing problems of our generation, including infectious disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, aging, climate change and more.

While Symphony at Salk, the Institute’s spectacular concert under the stars, will not take place this summer, the singular event will return August 21, 2021 with the San Diego Symphony and special guest artist. In the meantime, donors like Eileen and Leonard Herman have chosen to continue with their donations to support Salk’s life-changing science.

10 Things About Eileen Herman and Symphony at Salk

#1 I grew up in Marblehead Massachusetts, a seaside suburb of Boston. The natural beauty and picturesque harbor create an idyllic setting and a passion for New England lobster rolls.

#2 I think that everyone should have empathy and act on the feelings that you have to help others, especially those in need.

#3 My favorite travel destination is Italy. We have spent much time there. The people are so warm and welcoming, especially to an American who speaks fluent Italian.

#4 We have been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the world during our marriage. I cannot think of anything left to put on a bucket list. I feel grateful.

#5 You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

#6 Our very much adored standard poodle named Wrigley passed away almost 2 years ago. We miss him terribly. During the pandemic we searched and found a miniature poodle and our family member will be ready for pickup in August. Can’t wait!!!!

#7 Most people do not know that I love to cook.

#8 When I am having a challenging day, I have a talk with myself and think about how fortunate I am to have a loving family and friends. I just say, get over it. It is not worth it to let negative things get the better of you.

#9 It has surprised me that I am actually leading the life that I wanted. My husband and I have been very happily married for 48 years and have children who are caring, smart, successful, and play a huge role in our lives.

#10 The most important life lesson I have learned is to be honest with yourself and only make an issue if it really impacts you and would cause a major problem in the long run.


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Symphony at Salk 2021

August 21, 2021

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