10 Things About Deborah Marengo & Promises2Kids

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Create a Brighter Future for Foster Children

From the moment children come into foster care and through adulthood, Promises2Kids provides the hope, support, and opportunities these individuals need to change their lives for the better… now and for years to come.

The college students that Promises2Kids serves, rely heavily on their scholarship money for their daily needs. Promises2Kids are currently working to ensure these students have stable housing and resources for switching to online classes, loss of wages etc. For those who want to help, Promises2Kids are accepting grocery gift cards and donations to meet the needs of foster children during this uncertain time. Former Board Chair, Deborah Marengo’s leadership is more important than ever to make sure foster children don’t get left behind today or ever.

10 Things About Deborah Marengo & Promises2Kids

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#1 I grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

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#2 Honesty is the most important quality for someone to have.

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#3 My husband, Claude Anthony studied architecture and lived in Paris for years before we met. We have many friends in France and it is a very special place for us; we never feel like a tourist.

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#4 Peace is at the top of my bucket list.

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#5 I have a teacup Yorkshire Terrier named Rudi. She is our little girl – sweet and sassy and goes with us everywhere. She is named after the Rue de Marengo, a street in Paris (one of our favorite places) with our last name.

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#6 Under a strong business exterior, I am a “softie” with a very big heart to help others.

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#7 When I am having a challenging day, spending time with friends and my husband of course helps me stay positive. And when celebrating, it is a Tito’s on the rocks.

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#8 I never thought I would have such a great relationship and beautiful marriage. Claude Anthony and I work together too – it is a perfect partnership. Claude Anthony is the most loving and supportive person and is there for me no matter what.

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#9 My father taught me that you always give back, no matter what. I believe that whatever you have in life is a result and a reflection of what you gave back or did for someone else.

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#10 For 39 years, Promises2Kids has had a huge impact on children in foster care by building the Polinsky Children’s Center, establishing a centralized 800 number to report child abuse, raising funds for a residential school for foster teens and providing shelter, protection and support on a daily basis.

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