10 Things About Alicia Quinn Kitagawa & Barrio Logan College Institute


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“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.”

Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) supports not only the student but also the entire family. BLCI’s goal is to ensure every child has access to higher education, not limited by zip code, culture or status, resulting in a thriving community and a better world. Alicia Quinn Kitagawa is the Board Treasurer for BLCI.

#1 I was born in New York City, spent ten years in the Bay Area, and finished up high school in New Jersey.


#2 I spent the summer after high school, volunteering with my Aunt Bobbie who was a nurse and a Sister of Charity who dedicated her life to helping Indigenous Mayans after the country’s civil war. We traveled with a group of archaeologists as they exhumed bodies from mass graves. We helped families deal with their trauma and loss, and to bury their loved ones in a proper Mayan ceremony. Looking back, that summer served as the impetus for my career in social impact and involvement in philanthropy.


#3 I would tell my younger self to trust the journey even when the destination isn’t very clear.


#4 I’ve been making a conscious effort to better understand and consider different perspectives on complex issues, so I can make more informed opinions about the challenges facing our world and community.


#5 Collins Family Jewelers in Mira Mesa turned my beloved grandpa’s diamond ring and my great grandparents’ pearls into a necklace and earrings for my wedding day!

#6 I am incredibly grateful for my husband Keith. Neither of us guessed that a masked first date in May of 2020 would lead to a trip down the aisle last summer.


#7 When I moved to San Diego in 2012, I was hired as Director of Programs for Social Venture Partners and BLCI was one of our grantees. I was immediately drawn to the mission and model of the organization.


#8 BLCI aims to break the cycle of poverty by preparing underserved students to be the first in their families to go to college through after-school programs that start in the third grade – with a 100% college acceptance track record!


#9 Each student who participates in our college readiness program, has enrolled in higher education institutions from California State Universities to Ivy League Colleges and International Schools.


#10 Parents are required to invest 30 hours a year in BLCI and participate in workshops that are conducive to their children enrolling and succeeding in college. I am so impressed with, and inspired by the grit, determination, and resilience of the students and parents at BLCI.

Barrio Logan College Institute
Opportunity for Impact
May 12, 2022
5 pm – 8 pm
1735 Hancock St., San Diego, CA 92101