By Angelica Gavaldon.

Zarema Vega grew up with a passion for dance. At the age of three she fell in love with dance, becoming passionate about the sport. Throughout her life she has maintained that love and is transferring it to others by opening her own dance studio. I always admire mothers who learn to balance life, work and family. It is inspiring to see and Zarema does just that, making you realize that having it all and being able to take care of yourself is possible. Here is a closer look at a day in her life:

8 a.m. Rise and Shine

Zarema puts on music to start the day. She eats breakfast with her twin daughters. It is different every day. Sometimes she has omelets, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit with cottage cheese or avocado toast and quesadillas.

9:30 a.m. Exercise 

She exercises Monday through Saturday, which helps her stay positive. She then does a class with her daughters, has a healthy lunch with them and enjoys all morning and afternoon with them before heading to work.

4 p.m. Dance Studio

Zarema currently has three dance studios. This year she a new project that consists of a circus and gymnastics school. Even though she does not teach anymore, she goes to one studio each day to supervise and see that everything is going well. She plans recitals, summer camps, auditions for competition teams, workshops, interviews new teachers, complete administrative duties and more.
For Zarema, dancing is very important as it transports you to a peaceful state of mind, taking all the stress out as the body lets go. “You get to communicate your own language while dancing, you express your feelings” she comments to Giving Back Magazine.

9 p.m. Home from Another Successful Day

She usually finishes work around 9 p.m. For dinner, she has something light, such as cereal, a turkey sandwich, tuna, hummus or a salad. Nutrition is very important to her as she believes we have to take care of our body, respect it, be healthy and feel good about it.

After a long day, Zarema gets home, kisses her husband and daughters goodnight, and goes to bed. On her days off or weekends she likes to go to the beach with her family and visit Coronado, La Jolla, San Diego Zoo, or many of the other attractions of the region.

With such a full life, her commitment to her passion and her family is truly admirable.