Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines has always believed in recognizing People. Whether it is the talented Employees who make our Company a success, or the Customers we fly from place to place, we enjoy the opportunity to celebrate them and recognize their unique talents, backgrounds and cultures. At Southwest Airlines, the basics come down to two simple concepts: Reliability and Hospitality. We never try to be all things to all people, but we aim to be the very best at what our customers tell us matters to them. Just as we share the stories of Southwest Airlines, we share the stories of those we partner with, and here are some of the stories form this past year.

At Southwest Airlines, we also believe in partnering with nonprofit community organizations that are as diverse as the communities we serve. In 2015, we were proud to support organizations and the people behind them such as, Chairman of the Board Ambassador Gaddi Vasquez of PCI Global who is helping to provide people around the world with the tools and resources to prevent disease, improve community health and promote sustainable development worldwide.

Southwest Airlines works with organizations to ensure that our support enables them to accomplish their goals and reach their mission to better serve San Diego community. In March, we featured San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and their positive impact in the region. The simplest gestures make the greatest impact and in April, we connected with two visionaries who saw a need to connect with their community and beyond, with their organization CoolSpeak. We champion causes and people who make a difference through education such as Juan Gonzalez, UC San Diego’s Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs who is creating a pathway to higher education for all students. Juan encourages students to take advantage of and seek out the resources the university offers. Another leader who makes the needs of others a priority is Former California State Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny who we also spotlighted as she is dedicated to building greater understanding between the United States and Mexico in the context of promoting thoughtful public policy discussions.

Southwest Airlines also works with organizations to help the communities we serve be more prepared and lend our support in times of need due to natural disasters as our first and foremost concern is the safety and well-being of our employees and their families. Southwest works year round with the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program to evaluate needs and to prepare for response plans.

Southwest Airlines has always made an effort to support small businesses in the communities we serve. Committed to helping our communities thrive we support young entrepreneurs such as Chef Morfin a self-started doing extraordinary things in the San Diego region as well as Confessions of a Foodie Blogger Anita L. Arambula who is inspiring others through her creativity and passion. But when it comes to giving back, Southwest Airlines stands firm. In San Diego we support a variety of organizations that focus on education, diversity, leadership, civic engagement and human rights. In November, we were proud to support The Associations of Fundraising Professionals San Diego Chapter has allowed us to learn about many outstanding organizations and individuals but also given us the opportunity to celebrate their impact in our region.