Ever dreamed of driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini? XTREME ADVENTURES to the rescue! Thanks to a unique business model and an exceptional passion to share with the world the unparalleled joy of piloting a high-performance super car, XTREME ADVENTURES gives you the gift of FERRARI & LAMBORGHINI in an ingenious and affordable new way.

Based out of San Diego, XTREME ADVENTURES is a family owned business and operated by Daniel, Michel and Alex Lombrozo. Michel & Alex learned at an early age how gratifying and special it was to be around classic & exotic cars from their father Daniel, a car enthusiast with a background of building and racing stock cars since the 70’s. “I remember being eight years old and waking up on a Saturday morning to the roaring sound of a Ferrari engine. I would spring out of bed and rush to the garage to ask my dad if we were taking the coastal or mountain route today,” said Alex to Giving Back Magazine.

It was this manifestation of their father’s passion that lead to the creation of XTREME ADVENTURES with one objective in mind, putting as many people in the cockpit of the world’s finest exotic cars and teaching them how to excel in driving them. XTREME ADVENTURES’ exotic car experiences are affordable. In fact, they have become exceedingly popular amongst women looking to buy their significant others or father a gift. We are certain XTREME ADVENTURES will provide you with a “RUSH LIKE NO OTHER.”