In their quest to make the world a better place, Ascension Leadership Academy’s founders, Brad and Jenna Ballard moved to San Diego in 2016 to bring a new flare of personal development to the best city in the country. They believed that their emotional intelligence trainings could benefit the community on a fundamental level, and what they have been able to build in just 3 ½ years is unparalleled. They are honored to be a part of an educational community that gives back and builds a true sense of tribe.

Since 2016, their students have collectively raised close to $2M for nonprofit organizations in and around San Diego County as a part of their giving back opportunities.

Ascension Leadership Academy (ALA) offers a series of transformational, experiential and somatic workshops that teach you how to be emotionally intelligent in every kind of relationship, scenario, opportunity and challenge in your life. Their 3 levels of curriculum support their students in mastering their leadership skills, unlocking their fullest potential, removing any lasting roadblocks and enhancing their greatest strengths.

Natural-born leaders, budding leaders, influencers, visionaries and heart-centered maniacs on a mission alike flock to ALA’s trainings from all over the globe to be a part of a community that is committed to creating a ripple effect of empowerment and responsible leadership.

Every 6 weeks, a new group of leaders begins the 4-month process in their Level 1 training. Through a series of experiential exercises, games and inspiring lectures, the students are able to discover the truest source of any limiting beliefs or communication blocks that may be preventing them from having it all.

Even for personal development veterans, this is a powerful restart button for their continuing journey. Each participant has an equal opportunity to get massive value from this life-enhancing experience.

With their new set of tools, they are able to put it all into practice as they redesign and expand their vision for their life, relationships, and purpose in Level 2 training. They learn how to transform deeply-rooted patterns from their past so they can break through any fears of success, failure, intimacy, commitment, self-expression, change, creativity and responsibility.

Throughout the 3 months of ALA’s Level 3 mastermind, students develop a lifestyle of sustainable transformation and leadership. They also have the opportunity to give back to the community and impact the world in a profound way.

ALA offers team-building and connecting experiences, intensive training weekends and a life-changing retreat that will inspire you to become a real-life superhero. As a result of their trainings, every area of your life will thrive, and you will learn how to sustain being an independent leader of integrity and excellence. There is no other community like ALA, and they are changing the world – one leader at a time.