Community Leaders share words of wisdom which helped shape their lives.

Kerry Appleby

Reflecting back on my childhood, it is amazing how many pearls of wisdom I learned from my extraordinary mother, Mary Appleby. Some of my favorites relate to entertaining. It is always better to overdress vs. underdress for a party, as it will only flatter the hostess. When hosting a dinner party, begin planning the menu, table setting and flowers a week in advance and always seat your dinner guests with place cards to ensure a great dinner conversation!

Carolina and Emaluisa Bustamante

Our mother, Carolina always instilled in us the importance of being civic minded, just as always keeping our family together. She told us to cherish our marriage and make our children our priority in life. She led by example and we in turn followed in her footsteps of hard work and leadership. She only asked for hugs of energy and love from her grandchildren in return, which gave her the strength to move forward!

Esther Rodriguez

My mother, Lilia Moncada was our guardian angel. Born in Cuba in 1911, she was way ahead of her time, graduating with Pharmacy PhD in 1940. She taught us by example (brothers Ramon and Raul Mondada and granddaughter, Betty Cottle) the principles that guided her life, based on St. Francis’ Serenity Prayer: accepting what we cannot change, being courageous to change those we can, and being wise to know the difference.

Sandra Alavi

As I look back through my life, my Mother has given me much advice. The most important thing I feel she has taught me is to be true to myself and always give 100% of yourself in all that you do. I have applied this in my relationship with my husband and in raising my children. I love my Mom so much!