Tasteful Treats.

This fall create fond memories with delicious gifts for your inner foodie or for your loved ones – who will love you more!

1. Fall chocolates arranged in a petite pumpkin (Dallmann Fine Chocolates)

2. Spooky skeleton chocolates (Dallmann Fine Chocolates)

3. Enhance your taste buds this Fall with a variety of infused honeys brought to you by San Diego Honey Company! (Simply Local)
4. Naked Star Bkr. Opaque light chocolate milk nude with pink stars (Urban Beach House)

5. From the Cellars of Jasper Hill in Vermont comes a delicious cow milk cutie that invites you to dip absolutely anything you want into it. Harbison is wrapped in a strip of spruce, giving this soft-ripened cheese a delightful woodsiness, reminiscent of fall (Venissimo Cheese).

6. Fall is the peak of truffle season in Italy and this cave-aged pecorino called Moliterno is positively addictive with its veins of black truffle. The flavors are both nutty from the sheep milk plus earthy from the truffles. (Venissimo Cheese).

7. This classic old world French cheese is incredible in the Fall as the wheels tend to come from milk that was gathered in the spring. Tomme de Savoie has a grayish natural rind almost makes it look like a stone, yet the flavor screams fresh grass and earth. (Venissimo Cheese).

All available at The Headquarters at Seaport