App-solutely the best way to start the New Year!

Happy New Year! Are you determined to meet your goals in 2019? These apps will help you achieve your goals and stay on track.– Get instant coaching with and put your goals into action. This free app allows you to set any goal you want and then share your progress with others through a social network. You can also hire a life-coach through the app to help you achieve your goal.

Mint– afree money management and financial tracker app that helps you get ahead and stay ahead. It brings together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments in one place. See what you’re spending and where you can save money, so you can live the life you want.

MyFitnessPal– Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy, change your habits, or start a new diet it offers you the right features to help you achieve your goals.

Gratitude 365– designed with simplicity in mind. Swipe between screens and journal entries and in just five minutes a day, you can change the way you think about yourself and the world with the powerful-yet-simple practice of gratitude.  

Habit-Bull– Organize Your Life! HabitBull is a free powerful multi-platform companion to keep track of your day to day habits and routines.  

happify– How you feel matters! Whether you’re feeling sad, anxious, or stressed, Happify brings you effective tools and programs to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts.

Breathe2Relax– is a free portable stress management tool which provides detailed information on the effects of stress on the body and instructions and practice exercises to help users learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing.