Shop Local – Act Global.

Farmer’s markets throughout San Diego County are committed to the serving the needs of their community also while giving back. With so many options of farm fresh produce, fish, flowers and plants, arts and crafts and much more, there are many reasons to shop local and support the community and the environment.

1. North Park Farmers Market: On Thursday’s when you shop at the North Park Farmer’s Market, not only are you buying fresh and local food, you are also supporting the parent-teacher association and helping give back to the students of the local schools.

2. La Jolla Open Aire Market: On Sundays shop fresh and in an open air environment from local farmers and artisans. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy at the market all while helping raise funds for student education programs.

3. Imperial Beach Farmers Market: On Fridays enjoy a Farmer’s Market featuring fresh vegetables, fruits, local arts and crafts and more. Your support helps raise funds for their mission and efforts of community gardens and local school programs.

4. Tuna Harbor Dockside Market: On Saturday’s you can buy fresh seafood by the San Diego Harbor from local fisherman. When you purchase, you are helping provide seafood choices that support local communities and contribute to the health and productivity of natural marine resources.