And how is that question connected to Just in Time for Foster Youth’s mission to create lasting change in the lives of the young people we serve?


In the stories we hear, read and watch, we recognize heroes as the ones who answer the challenge, who step into the unknown despite their fears, finding allies along the way who help overcome the obstacles that block their progress toward their ultimate goals. Who find their own power and strength in the struggle they undertake and finally seize the prize.

This hero’s journey is what we see every day at Just in Time. We are witnesses and players in hundreds of stories each year as young people face daunting challenges, find staff and volunteer allies and use powerful resources to overcome obstacles in housing, education, transportation and employment, all the while dealing with the lingering impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

We also see our volunteers and investors as heroes. During the past 15 years, they’ve stepped forward to support a new model of change, with shared faith that the odds could be changed, and negative outcomes reversed through the power of a caring community. They make innovation possible and take the risk of relationship even when youth are convinced that relationships are not to be trusted.

Heroes all. And when heroes come together, extraordinary things happen. Resources are discovered, connections are forged, and healthy, productive lives are launched.

Thank you for being part of our JIT Community of Heroes. Together we are changing the world… one youth at a time!