Brenda Gold.

One can say Brenda Gold, owner of THREADS, has textiles entwined in her DNA. For 45 years, Gold’s family has been in the leather business. Her interests in textiles arose from working with her father as a little girl and she has never stopped learning. Surrounded by a full spectrum of colors and textures of textiles, leathers and hides, Gold was drawn to creativity’s endless possibilities.

Her passion for the craft grew and Gold graduated from the Design Institute of San Diego and would soon after intern with La Jolla interior designer Sheila Palmer. Having interned and worked alongside renowned San Diego interior designers, she continues to weave her experiences and knowledge into a new and exciting tapestry.

Gold not only learned the gamut of European fabric houses but inspirations behind textile prints, weaving techniques, and antiques purchased from auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s. “Sheila taught me the beauty and authenticity of antique furniture. To appreciate it and its many characteristics as well as the history of what each piece holds,” she tells Giving Back Magazine. As her passions continued developing, Gold would find her life at a turning point when the opportunity came to work with prestigious interior designer Constance Noah.

For thirteen years, Gold would have the best learning experience; she witnessed firsthand Noah’s dedication to her clients’ projects and learning from her tutelage. Gold shares, “Connie was an inspiration and an exemplary woman, boss, wife and teacher. This is what she enjoyed most, not only designing and decorating clients’ homes, but teaching.” Gold’s experience, laced with integrity, loyalty, and patience would manifest deeper when Noah retired; she started thinking about a new venture.

Taking all she has learned and applying it to THREADS, Gold has been garnering her own praise for years. Clients continually express profound happiness for the results Gold achieves for them, and that is Gold’s highest reward. As a designer, she knows the importance of listening to clients, “We are there to facilitate the journey, advise them based on our expertise and offer suggestions on expanding their vision.”