123 Years of Transforming Lives from Vulnerable to Vibrant

The history of Volunteers of America Southwest is built upon human stories. Stories of need, recovery, strength and triumph. Stories like Daniel, a methamphetamine (meth)addict that can’t tell you what got him started with meth, who walked out of his first daughter’s life when she was one year old and didn’t care what he had to do to get high. “I was just hopeless and didn’t care. I thought I was going to die high.” Then one day Daniel landed at Volunteers of America Southwest’s Amigos Sobriosaddiction treatment program. “Something finally clicked, Volunteers of America Southwest showed me a different way to live, they gave me hope and made a lasting impact.”

Daniel’s crowning achievement in his newly found sobriety was when he walked the daughter he previously left behind down the aisle at her wedding. “No drug has ever gotten me that high,” he said. “If somebody like me, who after 33 years of abusing drugs, can become a forgiven father and a productive member of society, I must pay it forward. There is magic going on at Volunteers of America’s Amigos Sobrios, there’s a special sense of purpose and spirituality in that house. I am living proof of a miracle.”

Daniel’s story is inspiring; the work he put in alongside the dedicated staff members, transformed his life from vulnerable to vibrant. But there are thousands of others who are still struggling. People who just need a helping hand to walk alongside them. For people like Daniel, Volunteers of America Southwest wants to be that helping hand.

Each year, Volunteers of America Southwest serves over 8,000 individuals, children and families in the areas of early childhood education, addiction services and behavioral health, and veterans services in San Diego County, San Bernardino, Riverside and El Centro. The organization helps homeless veterans with disabilities achieve self-reliance, aids men and women in returning to their families clean and sober, cares for elders and those struggling with mental health challenges and supports the futures of our community’s children through education and overall family well-being. In 2018 alone, 4,858 people received behavioral health treatment; of these, 2,417 were addiction treatment clients and over 522 families were able to find new, affordable housing.

Gerald McFadden, President and CEO of Volunteers of America Southwest, shared with Giving Back Magazine, “I am often asked, ‘why does our organization exist?’ My reply without hesitation is that we exist so those who are emotionally broken and without hope will know Volunteers of America will always have the light on for them. We want to be there to help them on their journey to a more vibrant life.”

Supporters like you have helped to co-create thousands of life-changing success stories. We encourage you to join us as we celebrate 123 years of serving those in need. Please consider a $123 dollar donation to help people like Daniel change their lives through the many remarkable programs and services of Volunteers of America Southwest.Please visit www.voasw.org/donateand helps us transform lives from vulnerable to vibrant.