A Style All Her Own.

Vivian Moreno is a talented young woman from Tijuana, Mexico who I have coached throughout her junior tennis career. It is always fulfilling to see that the discipline tennis teaches can provide value to my students well into their professional careers. Vivian is now a child psychologist and serves as the head of the Psychology department for the Reggio Institute primary school in Tijuana. In addition to her career in psychology, she is now a fashion consultant who has become “Insta-famous”. Her insight and analysis on the latest trends proves that a hobby can turn into a successful career. Building on her dedication and hard work on the tennis court, she has transitioned into success and maintaining her health with her busy lifestyle.

Born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana, Vivian majored in Psychology and minored in neuropsychology for infants. Moreno developed her passions from a young age as she noticed family and friends asking her for fashion advice. Not only does she share tips as a blogger, she also has one-on-one fashion coaching sessions with clients to help them achieve their best image. To do this, she leverages their unique personalities and the latest the fashion industry has to offer.

Recently, she was given the opportunity to live in Barcelona, Spain for three months where she met and worked for an incredible and well-known image consultant from Spain, Piluka de Echegaray. Some of her upcoming projects include creating campaigns that will launch in the next few months with some of her favorite brands.

Vivian’s healthy lifestyle also plays a key role in her success as she believes the secret to staying in shape is being consistently positive, motivated and maintaining a good work-life balance. To stay fit, she takes boxing and Pilates classes daily and drinks lots of water while balancing her meals. Vivian Moreno’s story is impressive and inspires all due to her dedication and hard work.