USO San Diego

Active Duty Marines on Their Way to Camp Pendleton

USO San Diego strengthens America’s military by keeping them connected to family, home and country throughout their time in service to our nation and plays a critical role every day in the lives of our service members and their direct family members.

USO San Diego has 4 locations in San Diego:

Neil Ash Airport Facility is open 18 hours a day, 365 days a year, a true home away from home, always understanding that no matter the day or time of year our service members have a place to go and rest before heading to the new place of duty.

Liberty Station Headquarters is a dynamic center that stands as the headquarters for the talented staff who design and execute programming such as Military Spouse Connect program, Teen Talk events, and even the newest Military Kids Club program.

Military Entrance Processing Station is where on any given day you will witness a young man or young woman decide what their military future will hold and take the oath to defend and protect our very freedoms we have each day.

Mobile Unit assists the over 300,000 instances of services from their brick and mortar counterparts. USO San Diego has acquired a true USO on wheels. This Mobile unit has the ability to support all the commands within the San Diego area for all branches of services 7 days a week.

USO San Diego services thousands of individuals each day, from the active duty member to the military family who is living the day to day challenge that is military life; receiving services such as professional skill set building to our military spouses, to military kids learning technology through STEM programming; our active duty personnel understand that the USO will be by their sides every step of the way. USO provides unique services for active duty military that include transition services, entertainment opportunities, workshops, products and centers that provide that true home away from home.

The day the cover photo was taken, more than 300 Active Duty Marines made their way through the Neil Ash Airport Facility. The Marines were coming off of their 10 days of leave after graduating Boot Camp and were heading to Advance Training at Camp Pendleton

For 79 years, the USO has been a home away from home standing along service members and their families by providing quality services and programming that provide resources to those standing up for our freedoms. USO San Diego is a 501 (C)3 Non-Profit that does not receive federal funding; USO San Diego truly depends on the generosity of the community. As we move in to 2020, USO San Diego is planning an amazing event that will help raise the funds to support our local military as we have done for over 79 years and counting.

Event Co-Chair Sherry Ahern, along with her Co-Chair and daughter Btianna Ahern shared with GB Magazine details about their upcoming event, “USO San Diego is bringing this year’s Major fundraising event “Back to Basics”! A dynamic event designed to connect our local community to the impact USO San Diego has on our local military each day through an evening of entertainment and fun. This event will highlight our USO history. Stay tuned as this event’s details will go live in the upcoming weeks and you do not want to miss your opportunity to attend.”


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