Giving Back Magazine has always been a proud supporter of our region. For years, we have attended all the major fundraising events that are making a difference. We have featured the stories of the people that are making our cities a better place. But one thing that we have been doing, that no other media outlet or organization has been doing, is bringing organizations together from across the border to form unique partnerships.

In the past, some of the partnerships we have created are:

• Fashion Valley with Fundación Única

• Museum of Contemporary Art with Milagros

San Diego Museum of Art with VIFAC

San Diego Polo Club with Hospital de Las Californias

• South Coast Plaza with Fundación Luz

• The University Club with Fundación Castro Limón

• Tiffany & Co. with El Trompo

Now, Giving Back is proud to announce that it has been able to introduce and help form a partnership between our regions’ two children’s museum- San Diego’s New Children’s Museum and Tijuana’s El Trompo Museo Interactivo. Both museums help inspire young minds to spark imagination and creativity through art, science and technology.

Through this partnership, members of one museum will be able to visit both museums, and the museums will work together to exchange exhibits, promote each other and share best practices and collaborate on future projects. It is the first known example of a cross-border partnership between Children’s Museums.

Giving Back Magazine is proud of our work and is honored to help make our region better for all.