It is almost that time of year. Kids can feel it — Holiday Season is close. Local toy expert Brian Miller is ready to help parents, grandparents and more with his list of the “Top Toys For 2012.” As owner of Geppetto’s Toys he knows, what new offerings are sure to entertain kids of all ages, whether educational, sciences, handmade, arts and crafts, plush toys and more!


1. Duct Tape Party Girl: Everything you need to make jewelry, bags, headbands, belts and more

2. Speed Stacks StackPack: High-speed stacking is a sport kids (and adults!) play all over the world

3. LEGO Friends: LEGO® Friends Olivia, Emma, Andrea, Mia and Stephanie live in Heartlake City. You can dress them up, buy accessories, play online games and have all sorts of adventures.

4. Loop De Doo Kit: Loop De Doo is a new spinning tool that makes fabulous twisted friendship bracelets, necklaces, anklets and more

5. Y Pewi: the Y Pewi is a walker/bike designed to help wee ones master balance, coordination and space awareness.

6. Spontuneous: Remember how one word can trigger a song in your head? Spontuneous turns that idea into an interactive party! Players write trigger words and then try to sing a song with them.

7. Tranquil Turtle: Sleep comes easily with the soothing lights and sounds of Tranquil Turtle. He projects a gentle, underwater glow on the wall and ceiling and plays tranquil melodies. Includes adoption certificate and endangered sea animals guide.

To learn more about Geppetto’s Toys, please visit www.geppettostoys.com