tn_PATRONATOThe Tijuana General Hospital is a public health institution, which throughout its entire existence, has provided a great quantity of services to the benefit of our community. The Auxiliary Group, under the same ideals of service, was incorporated by a group of inspired citizens with the clear objective of helping the mission of providing health services and improving the quality of assistance offered by the Hospital.

Our activities, at different levels, include: providing our support to patients through assistance with laboratory procedures, the purchase of medication and medical supplies, renting equipment for specialized surgical procedures and paying for transportation to other hospitals. The construction and remodeling of several areas of the Hospital are a fundamental part of our work.

Projects Accomplished 2000-2010

  • Operating Rooms
  • Outpatient Consultation
  • Internal Medicine Services with isolation rooms
  • Traumatology
  • Labor and Delivery Area
  • Adult Emergency Room
  • Intensive Care Unit for Adults and Neonates
  • Waiting Area
  • Kitchen-Dinning Area
  • Purchase of specialized equipment
  • Installation of Air Conditioning with HEPA filters
  • Pediatric Oncology Unit, considered one of the best in a public institution anywhere in Latin America.

We are convinced that only through working together will be able to provide the best health care. Help us to give a hand…to give life.