Why do Smart Kids Struggle in School?

“When children are struggling in school, it is likely that there are underlying learning skills that are underdeveloped, inefficient or need correcting. These are hidden challenges and most go unrecognized,” says Maria Bagby, Owner and Executive Director of the Therapeutic Literacy Center (TLC). “Many are labeled with ADHD, Reading Disorders or just said to have low motivation.” These are the children that spend hours doing homework, feel conflict in family dynamics because of homework and begin to feel less smart than they really are.

TLC identifies and fixes the problem that is causing challenges and frustrations. “Our highly trained and professional clinicians are trained in identifying these deficits in underlying skills and in developing those skills through very specialized systems, techniques, programs and tools. We specialize in developing and correcting deficits in auditory and visual processing, processing speed, working memory, reflex integration, motor coordination, sensory integration, logic and reasoning, and many others areas that are critical for independent academic success,” Maria tells Giving Back Magazine.

After 30 years in education with three Master’s degrees in Psychology, Reading, and Curriculum and Assessment, Maria knows well the training that educators receive. According to her, schools are taught how to create accommodations and in helping children learn to compensate for learning problems. They are not trained in how to fix the problems, resources are limited and it is not in their job description. The schools’ job is to help children access the curriculum – not to fix the problem that is causing the difficulty.

Children become successful independent learners when these hidden underlying skills are developed. The lives of children and families change and homework is no longer a struggle. In addition, TLC students and families find a safe haven that is both life-changing and fun in friendly environment with the buzz of hard work, a lot of laughter, and a real feeling of enjoyment.

If your child struggles with school and you feel the Therapeutic Literacy Center may help, please visit www.therapeuticliteracycenter.com or call (858) 481-2200.

TLC has facilitated seven children in exiting special education this year and prevented many others from being identified as needing extra resources in school.

In 2014, the Therapeutic Literacy Center formed the North County Literacy Foundation to serve students with learning challenges right here in our community. The foundation was formed out of the need for children with educational needs that were not being met by the school district, but at the same time, could not afford specialized education and schooling such as the training provided by TLC. For more information on how you can contribute to their mission of fixing the underlying deficits that prevent their brilliance from being recognized in their education and beyond, please visit their website at www.northcountyliteracyfoundation.org.