Holiday Season.

As the owner of M Winehouse in Little Italy, Ruth Melero has an immensely busy schedule, however, she has made having it all possible. “I always find inspiration in women who become successful doing what they’re passionate about and find a way to balance life”, Ruth shares with Giving Back Magazine, and that is exactly what she has done. She continuously exercises good time management by taking life at her own pace.

Ms. Melero has a degree in business administration and extensive experience with her previously owned fast-casual restaurants in El Paso, TX, where she is originally from. She transitioned her experience along with her passion for fine wines into her successful venue in Little Italy.

The concept for M Winehouse is rooted in creating a destination for guests to enjoy worldwide varietals before, and after, dinner. The establishment offers 45 wines by the glass which are personally selected by Ruth for the best flavors and highest quality. Every three months, the wine menu is modified with selections from small production and independent vineyards. While this can be quite challenging at times, Ruth enjoys the process. Although she regularly tastes many varieties, she has a preference for Burgundies.

Despite the demands of being a business owner and her love for a glass of wine, Ruth has also been able to ensure that her health is a priority. As a firm believer in healthy lifestyle, Ruth shares her key is to, “respect your health and body and your spirit will thank you.” Ruth typically works out five days a week and eats healthy. By keeping her fitness routine diverse, she is able to maintain her motivation, her favorite workouts being the gym, kickboxing and running with her beloved dogs, Jack and Russell. While working out is one element of staying healthy, she also cites portion control and one liquid meal per day as her secrets to the well-balanced diet she needs to be productive.

In 2018, Ms. Melero is expanding her business to allow guests to host their own private events at M Winehouse. She has also recently acquired a license to begin catering wine and champagne for weddings as well as corporate and charity events. With all her hard work, dedication and positive outlook, we see a very bright future to come for both Ruth and M Winehouse.