The Top 10 Places to Go Out For Breakfast in San Diego
Best Pancakes, Scrambles, & More

Cafe 21

A great breakfast is one of the best ways to start the day and fortunately, San Diego has no shortage of exceptional eateries. Whether you like to fill your plate with pancakes and syrup or hearty eggs and potatoes, there is a breakfast spot on this list for you. Here are top 10 recommendations for the best places to eat breakfast. Whether you are a local or visiting San Diego, these are great options. These are the best breakfasts to enjoy in San Diego:

1. Snooze, an A.M. Eatery:

Snooze am eatery
Snooze creates a fun, retro ambiance with their unique décor and has delicious food to boot. From benedicts and pancake flights to plant powered eats, there is something for everyone. Do not forget to try their famous hash browns. Check out the closest location to you, they have restaurants in La Jolla, Del Mar and Hillcrest.

2. Great Maple:

Great maple
With a name like Great Maple, naturally you will want to sample their maple syrup and boy, do they have options! Try their silver dollar pancakes and sweet slices of French toast in flavors like peanut butter and fried banana or Fruity Pebbles. If you are more of a savory breakfast person, do not worry, they have scrambles, chilaquiles and more. Visit them in La Jolla or

3. Breakfast Republic:

Breakfast republic

Breakfast Republic is a San Diego staple that is rapidly expanding. Try their classics like a scramble, benedict or pancake flight, or check out their spring specials like lavender peach pancakes or iced strawberries and cream latte. They even have vegan options. They have restaurants in Encinitas, Liberty Station, North Park, Carmel Valley and more, so no matter where you reside in San Diego, they likely have one close to you.

4. Morning Glory:

Morning glory

If you want an Instagram-worthy brunch spot, Morning Glory is the place for you. With jaw-dropping décor, a view of Little Italy, and an adventurous menu with items like soufflé pancakes and breakfast dim sum, you are in for an unexpected treat that will leave a lasting impression.

5. Flap Your Jacks:

Flap your jacks

New to North Park’s restaurant scene is Flap Your Jacks, but they have already made a name for themselves. Most people visit for the tabletop pancake griddles where you get to flip your own flapjacks, which allows you to pick your own flavored batter, mix-ins, toppings, and syrup, but they also have a diverse menu of other items to choose from. They also plan to open a location in North San Diego soon.

6. Café 21:

Cafe 21

This breakfast destination is known for their farm-to-table menu, with locally grown produce, homemade sourdough, wild seafood and more. At Café 21, you will find crumpet sandwiches, tiramisu pancakes, and other excellent breakfast dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options. Visit them in the Gaslamp or University Heights.

7. Fig Tree Café:

Fig tree cafe liberty station

Located in Pacific Beach and Liberty Station, Fig Tree Café is a favorite among the local culinary crowd. Between the warm, inviting atmosphere and memorable menu featuring classics like omelets, breakfast burritos and French toast as well as more innovative dishes like breakfast sushi and meatloaf hash, this is the perfect place for a relaxing morning.

8. Hash House a Go Go:

Hash house a go go

Known for their Midwest inspired food, Hash House a Go Go has been bringing breakfast lovers to Hillcrest in droves for over two decades. Their Big O’ Pancakes are a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth, while the Andy’s World-Famous Sage Fried Chicken is a favorite among those who want a more hearty meal.

9. Kono’s Surf Club Café:

Konos surf club

Visit the well-known and well-loved Kono’s Surf Club Café in Pacific Beach and then walk off your breakfast on Crystal Pier. This breakfast spot has been a favorite amongst locals for decades and while their menu keeps it fairly simple, they have all the essentials like breakfast sandwiches, egg burritos and classic breakfast combos.

10. Cody’s La Jolla:

Cody's la jolla

Sit on the patio and enjoy the ocean breeze as you dig in to your breakfast. Cody’s La Jolla offers a delicious variety on their small but impressive menu including the Awesome French Toast, crab cake omelet and chicken biscuit sandy.

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