One of Tijuana’s favorite activities, the Book Fair, will take place May 30 through June 8. Members of the community get together for 10 days to enjoy food, entertainment and of course, books.

It is the most important literary event of the region, organized by the Municipal Government through the Institute of Art and Culture and the Booksellers Union. The fair was founded in 1982 and seeks to promote reading in the community.

It brings together noted authors and editors from all over the country. It offers presentations on books, conferences, discussions with young readers, music conferences, workshops and photographic exhibitions.

Among the entertainment includes a May 31 grand public concert of Eugenia León and on June 7, the Lux Boreal Dance Company will present a modern interpretation of Swan Lake.

On the 8th there will be a concert of Nortec Collective Presenta Bostich + Fussible with the Junior Symphony of Tijuana. From the literary world, it will present great writers such as Eraclio Zepeda, Gerardo Ochoa Sandy, David Huerta, Enrique Florescano, Gabriel Ledón and Cristina Rivera Garza.