art-screwtape-lettersNovelist and poet C.S. Lewis’ 50 year legacy is being celebrated in 2013 with Great Britain honoring him in Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey with the likes of Dickens and Shakespeare. Beyond the Chronicles of Narnia, Lewis’ most popular and influential piece still remains The Screwtape Letters. The spiritual warfare from a demon’s mind takes the stage in this novel adaptation where morals are inverted in the universe; God’s name is Enemy, while the devil is Our Father Below. A day in the office in hell is no simple firewalk, an apprentice to train, a slavish sin-embodied creature-demon thrashing about, and the main task of the day: ruination and damnation of an unsuspecting human’s soul. Take a seat, hell is eerily beautiful and wicked in satire; you’ll love the Father’s work!!!
October 19th – 4:00pm & 8:00pm