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Following the successful launch of The Salvation Army Rady Residence, a beacon of hope for families facing homelessness at the Rady Door of Hope, The Salvation Army is committed to completing their ambitious $85 million Homeless to Home campaign. The recently inaugurated Rady Residence, a sanctuary providing 136 beds for families experiencing homelessness, precedes the development of the transformative $100+ million Rady Center, specifically serving adults experiencing homelessness.


This Homeless to Home initiative is anchored by a monumental $50 million contribution from Ernest and Evelyn Rady, driven by their aspiration to collaboratively impact and alleviate homelessness. “We have great confidence in this organization, so we are happy to put our resources in their hands and we look forward to a successful conclusion. I am really proud of what we are doing,” Ernest shared with GB Magazine.

Teaming up with Wakeland Housing and Development, The Salvation Army envisions the redevelopment of its downtown block, culminating in the creation of the 200,000 square foot Rady Center. This comprehensive facility will encompass 220 shelter and housing opportunities, incorporating vital programs such as case management, a food pantry, senior meals, homeless outreach services, a federally approved community health clinic, spiritual services, and an accessible Chapel for residents and the broader community.

In addition to the generous Rady contribution, The Salvation Army secured a substantial $10 million gift from Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies. Complemented by contributions from community leaders like the Conrad Prebys Foundation and others, the organization has raised $27 million of the $30 million private philanthropy goal for the Rady Center project. Upon achieving this goal, the Radys commit an additional $5 million, resulting in a total $35 million operating endowment for the Rady Center.

Wakeland Housing and Development is actively pursuing financing to complete the funding for the Rady Center, emphasizing the collaborative effort required from both private and public sectors. Major Rob Reardon, Divisional Secretary for The Salvation Army San Diego, underscores the significance of local leadership in supporting this impactful project. “We depend upon local leaders, from both the private and public sectors, to join the Radys in supporting this vital project, as it has the potential to make a significant difference in San Diego. The fact that the Salvation Army owns the land, is securing $30 million from private philanthropy and will have an established operating endowment makes the Rady Center a remarkable opportunity to invest in.”

Major Amy Reardon, Divisional Secretary for The Salvation Army, emphasizes the role of the Rady Center in providing a secure and community-like atmosphere for individuals experiencing homelessness. “By fostering essential life skills, the center aims to empower residents towards a path out of homelessness, citing past achievements where 78% of people exiting transitional housing programs remain stably housed.”
Anticipated to commence construction in the fall of 2025, both the Rady Residence and the Rady Center are designed by the M.W. Steele Group.

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