gtk-pacific-lyricWhen Carlos Oliva and his wife Teresa were students at the Superior School of Voice in Madrid, they often wondered why Opera, despite the quantity and quality of such exquisite music, did not enjoy the popularity, especially among our youth.

They figured the problem was two-fold: the sting at the box office as well as the frustration with not understanding the words of the lyrics and therefore becoming disconnected with the drama. The years passed and destiny brought their family to nest in San
Diego. When their boys grew up, they returned to their goal of establishing a non-profit lyric company with a goal to solve the challenges. Pacific Lyric Association was born 7 years ago and has made every effort to involve the community in the beautiful art form of opera.

In 2012, they presented Carmen, with a Gypsy grandfather mesmerizing his grandson with the colorful story about who Carmen was, acted out all at one far side of the stage. The audience watched the story for a while, and then experienced that same story through music. It was a success with the public, many people reporting that this unique approach opened the door to Opera for them!

The Pacific Lyric Association seeks to engage upcoming generations of talent as well as appreciative audiences by keeping opera accessible and real, and even fun.

Their upcoming opera, Rigoletto by G. Verdi, will be presented in September at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, and they look forward to seeing you there.