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Proudly celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month


The Arc of San Diego, the largest, most comprehensive service provider for people with disabilities in San
Diego County, serves over 2,000 children and adults each year. Founded in 1951, The Arc of San Diego blends a long history of service with a national reputation for success.


The Arc of San Diego’s Employment Services offers people with disabilities the opportunity to advance their career goals through the pursuit of gainful employment in a variety of positions and industries throughout the community. The Arc of San Diego provides employment services support to more than 400 individuals annually.


The Arc offers opportunities for clients like Melvin to meet their employment goals. Melvin has been working at The Arc of San Diego’s Food Service Program at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) for 17 years. Employed since 2006, Melvin helps feed the Marines and maintain the Mess Hall. Known by his job coach and managers at MCRD as a kind person who is easy to get along with, Melvin is a very hard worker. He always makes sure that his assigned duties are completed while also ensuring that others are performing their tasks correctly. This strong work ethic earned Melvin a well-deserved promotion from the recruit mess hall to the personnel mess hall, where he serves high-ranking officers and requires minimal supervision. For over a decade, Melvin has consistently demonstrated his dedication and professionalism within the personnel mess hall, contributing to the smooth operation of the facility.


The Arc of San Diego’s Employment Services play a vital role in transforming the lives of individuals through its life-changing programs. The Arc of San Diego is committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable community by bridging the gap between individuals with disabilities and employers. For people who face barriers to employment, The Arc of San Diego offers a lifeline to independence and self-sufficiency. By providing tailored support, job training and placement services, The Arc of San Diego helps clients acquire the skills and confidence needed to secure meaningful employment opportunities.


Employers also benefit greatly from their partnership with The Arc of San Diego. The organization works with local businesses as well as government agencies to put people with disabilities to work. Through this collaboration, businesses can hire clients who possess a diverse range of skills. This not only promotes diversity and inclusion within the workplace but also provides local companies with a dedicated and talented workforce. By opening their doors to individuals with disabilities, these businesses contribute to a more compassionate and socially responsible society, while also reaping the rewards of increased productivity and employee satisfaction.


Additionally, The Arc of San Diego offers presentations and resources on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to help businesses understand the importance of including individuals with disabilities in the workforce, how inclusive hiring can positively impact businesses, and the next steps for businesses on their path to inclusion. Through customized assistance, The Arc of San Diego aims to help local businesses thrive through embracing disability inclusion and economic growth. Please contact Diana Velasquez, Workforce Neurodiversity Advisor, at (619) 495-1648 for more information on how to get started.


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