Celebrating Three Successful Years with First Annual Tea Festival

John & Maria Harrison, Owners of Tea Gallerie are celebrating 3 years in the healthy tea business with a recent expansion to a 2,500 sq. foot lounge and tasting room, retail shop and production facility located centrally to all of San Diego. The Tea Gallerie is a supplier of over 250 fresh loose-leaf teas from China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Africa, Argentina and Europe. The teas are fair trade and organic and blended for the healthy pleasure in your cup, from the rich and aromatic Darjeeling teas to the floral and exotic jasmine teas and the delicate sweet infusion of Silver Needle White Teas.


The Tea Gallerie experience is a health-inspired twist to the modern art gallery. The ambiance utilizes all the senses and elevates the desire for teas with an interactive display to see and smell teas from large black and gold canisters. Each guest can look forward to a personalized experience with recommendations to find the perfect tea. One can choose to spend a few minutes or a few hours just admiring the beauty and aroma of the various teas.

The newest collection of teas called Teas 4 Kids is a healthy alternative to all the sugary juices and sodas for children as young as 6 months. Inspired by their 2-year old daughter Siena, Teas 4 Kids consists of 6 delicious fruity teas like Bubby loves Blueberry and Peachy Pie to Hello Kiwi and Mango Sweetie. A recent partnership with the San Diego Childhood Obesity Initiative has helped raise awareness with parents and educators and supports their mission to find healthier options for our schools.

The Harrisons are knowledgeable about tea and offer monthly educational seminars, tea tasting events and tea flights. To celebrate community through this amicable beverage, Tea Gallerie will be hosting the First Annual Tea Festival of San Diego held at the Japanese Friendship Gardens in Balboa Park on September 13-14, 2014. With an anticipated 8,000 people in attendance during this two-day event, there will be Asian tea ceremonies, notable tea companies with endless cuppings of tea, Book Authors in the industry, Celebrity Chefs highlighting tea in savories and sweets and educational tea classes to attend.

The start of a new year brings new opportunity to improve our physical health. For those seeking to add a cup of tea to your daily routine, try an energizing Black Tea like the Classic Ceylon or the Orange Spice, or Jade Oolong to boost metabolism and aid in digestion; and for those who want to help lower cholesterol and detoxify, try the Golden Pu’erh or Coconut Cacao Pu’erh. For a more cooling and anti-oxidant rich experience, and a boost in immunity, try the Cherry Almond Green Tea or a delicate and gentle White Guava Ginger.

Tea Gallerie lounge is located at 7283 Engineer Rd. Ste. G in Kearny Mesa and is open daily. For more information, visit or call (800) 409-3109.