By Angelica Gavaldon

Sylvie Coulange is originally from Guadeloupe, French Caribbean but now lives in La Jolla with her husband and two beautiful children. Sylvie is a remarkable woman who inspires many with her healthy yet decadent cooking, as well as her inspiring books and photography. She is a great example how we can all turn our greatest struggle into our greatest gift in life. To help inspire others, she has shared a day in her life and insight into how she finds balance, peace and gratitude.

6 a.m. Morning Routine

Sylvie wakes up, makes breakfast, and packs lunches for the kids first thing in the morning. Breakfast is always different but some of her favorites are ham and brie baguette, homemade jam and toast with almond milk, parfait made of cream yogurt, homemade bliss balls, or bits of energy bars with berries. During breakfast, she enjoys her coffee while checking emails. Once she gets everyone ready, she drops her boys off at school.

8:30a.m. Workout

Sylvie works out every day. Depending on her schedule, it is either boot camp, jump rope, a jog or surfing.

11 a.m. Work

Sylvie is currently working on finishing her second book. The inspiration for this book comes from her passion for baking and cooking. Sharing how cooking at home is not that complicated, she gives healthy recipes that she hopes will inspire people to make their own delicious dishes. One of the things that makes her unique is she that creates beautiful looking food that is simple, healthy and tasty for a satisfying way of eating that can become a lifestyle.

1:30 p.m. Lunch

In the early afternoon, she has lunch with her husband. Typically, they will eat grains, avocado, salad with cheese and bread, or yogurt with a fresh fruit. Then she heads back to work.

5 p.m. Dinner

After work, Sylvie usually runs errands including the bank, grocery shopping and picking up the kids. Once she is done with errands, she heads home to help her children with homework, spend some quality time with her family, and preps dinner. Typically, these meals include protein and vegetables. Dessert consists of dark chocolate and fruit.

8 p.m. Nighttime

By 8 p.m. she reads to the kids and put them to sleep. To wind down, Sylvie will often have glass of wine with her husband while they share their day and projects, watch a quick show, and then go to bed early. Sometimes she also reads a spiritual book to relax her mind.

It might be a challenge to balance her time, but her secret is strategically planning all her duties in a way that leaves time for her family and friends. What motivates her to do her work is helping others and the inspiration she finds in art, nature, history and the people she has met in her life. By sharing her own experiences, achievements, and lifestyle, she has helped many people gain confidence in what they do and believe in themselves while also sharing happiness, love, and kindness.