swaLuisteen Gonzalez is a small business owner with focus, drive and dedication. From his humble beginnings in Mexico City, Luisteen has always been motivated to move forward and achieve what he sets his mind to do.


Over sixteen years ago, he immigrated to San Diego with the goal to start his own business. Through dedication and hard work, he launched Luisteen Hair Salon in Bonita soon filling his portfolio of clients from all over San Diego. Luisteen knows that with excellence, flexibility and his incredibly talented team of stylists, they will be able to continue to succeed in times of financial challenge. “I feel very fortunate to have so many incredible clients and a professional team who believes in me,” he tells Giving Back Magazine.

His salon is not his only passion; always an entrepreneur, Luisteen is branching out into the restaurant business. Growing up in Mexico City, at the age of ten he obtained his first experiences cooking with his grandmothers. Over the years, he has learned to find happiness in the creative creations of home-cooked meals. As he learned family recipes about different types of textures and flavors, he knew he wanted to have a career in the food industry. His interest in cooking led him to his first job at the age of fourteen, catering a Quinceañera. Working closely with the client in designing, preparing and serving the event was a true delight for him.

Throughout his challenging times in the food industry, Luisteen has always found inspiration in his grandma’s cooking lessons and his father’s business words of wisdom. Again, never looking back, he worked to obtain success in the catering field becoming well- known for his distinctive style and recipes. It is these flavors and skills that he is transitioning to his next endeavor, a restaurant.

Puesto Mexican Street Food, an upscale Mexican casual eatery within a museum-like setting is set to open soon in La Jolla. Proud of his Mexican upbringing, Luisteen is looking forward to sharing his Latin flavor; “I am a passionate defender of home-cooked meals because of the love, time and patience that goes into it.” Excited for the next step in his life Luisteen only envisions abundance, harmony, strength, balance and energy for the restaurant.

Luisteen’s strive for excellence spills over into the positive impact he has in the community that he lives in. As a small business owner, he strongly believes in giving back and supporting non-profits on both sides of the border such as Fundación Castro-Limón and the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association.

Southwest Airlines salutes Luisteen for accomplishing and setting his mind to achieve his dreams and being an example to all.


Lidia S. Martinez
Manager, Community Affairs & Grassroots
Southwest Airlines

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