Faith, Family and Doing Good

Susan Hoehn and her husband, Bill, have made an invaluable impact on the lives of the countless San Diegans whose lives they have touched. What drives Susan to put so much of herself into the community she loves? Her Christian faith which drives everything she does. The Hoehns’ faith informs them of how they want to the live in the world – doing whatever good they can to truly make a difference. It is this faith that inspires all their work in and support of our community, and the satisfaction that they are having a positive impact while being able to exercise their faith.

To touch on all the aspects of the community that she is passionate about, Susan has made it her mission to have a well-rounded portfolio of charitable work in different sectors including health (American Heart Association), education and the arts (The Old Globe and La Jolla Music Society). Susan is active with the local youth through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Boy Scouts of San Diego which are life-changing for those involved. Additionally, Susan has been working with the YMCA for over 25 years, and Bill recently received a lifetime achievement award for his work with the organization. Now, her son-in-law, Josh, has taken over Bill’s seat on the board.

Helping underserved families is another a cornerstone for Susan which is why she is a proud supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego. Her daughter, Adrienne, recently took over her position on the board and their employees sometimes join them in their volunteerism. Susan also devotes much of her time to the Salvation Army and the San Diego Rescue Mission which holds a special place in her heart because they are going out and making a difference to change lives of those who are homeless, above and beyond food and shelter.

Their devotion to the community and those they serve does not stop at helping other organizations. As the owners of Hoehn Motors, they have also made these values part of their business. At the dealerships, they have a full-time Corporate Chaplain, Roy, who is dedicated to drawing social good into their company. He is there for their employees, always available as a helping hand or shoulder to lean on in times of need and inspiring and elevating the morale. Chaplain Roy is responsible for leading all of their social good initiatives which include food drives and fix-up the neighborhood days.

Above and beyond the great work she does and the honors she has received (including the documentary about her bible verse memorization technique which was just released), her proudest moment is having her entire family together at Thanksgiving. Having a strong and united family is her greatest delight.

By sharing her devotion to her faith and the community, Susan hopes that she can inspire others to do the same. She shared with us her advice to finding a way to give back to the community that is meaningful to you: “Find places that you are passionate about, find causes that pull your heartstrings, and do not just write the check, get involved”. As Susan can attest, going out and doing good gives a level of fulfillment that is incomparable.