Summer Simmer

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Summer is here and with the temperature rising, it is important to adjust ourselves to the weather change to keep our bodies healthy and energized throughout the day. Here are my top tips on how to enjoy a healthy, safe summer this year:

Stay Hydrated
Sometimes we are so busy or having so much fun that we forget to drink water. That is, until a low hits us, our mouths start to feel dry, or we get a headache, and we realize that we have not been drinking enough. It is important to make it a habit to start your day with a full glass of water, which will help you set the tone for hydrating throughout the day. Every day, you should aim for 8 to 10 glasses of water to feel energized and keep your body functioning properly. The fact is water is life. We all seem to forget how this simple natural resource is a major need for our body to stay alive. There are many reasons to prioritize drinking water, from cognitive function to digestive health, glowing skin, fighting fatigue, to maintaining a healthy weight.
Eat More Refreshing Foods
With the weather heating up, fruits and vegetables become more appealing. This makes it a good time to take advantage of all of the delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables and eat healthier. Grill with a little bit of olive oil instead of frying your veggies and get creative with watermelons, mangoes, and cantaloupe, which are all great seasonal fruits you can enjoy even on salads.
Get your Vitamin D
The sun can provide many health benefits, but make sure you use protection and try to avoid sun exposure from 10 am to 4 pm, when the sun is at its peak. If you have activities planned around that time, try to stay more in the shade and reapply sunblock. Always wear a hat, sunglasses and as much protection as you can. I feel like a hypocrite when I write this, since I am pretty much swimming all day with my son during the summer months, but I know what I should be doing! While I do apply sunblock diligently throughout the summer, if you look at my skin compared to another woman my age that is not in the sun as much, it will convince you immediately that you should stay out of the sun.
Stay Active
There is no better time to get fit than during the summer. Yes, we can all make excuses and say we are too busy with the kids, but flip the switch in your head. If you are honest with yourself, there is no easier time than summer to start MOVING. Walk with the kids, swim with them, play tennis, surf, take them on bike rides, or go to the beach and play Frisbee. Join them on whatever it is they love to do. Whatever it is that keeps you from sitting, at the end of the day it all adds up!
Hopefully, these tips are easy for you to implement into your daily routine so you can have a healthy, safe summer.

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Esteban Villanueva