Valentine’s Day month is here and is a time to celebrate your loved ones. While there are many romantic indulgences to enjoy this month, there are also many healthy activities to do as a couple that will improve your well-being and build a stronger bond in your relationship.

Do a boot camp class

One of my favorite activities to do with my husband is boot camp classes. We both are workout fanatics, so we love doing bootcamp. It is an amazing all-over workout alternating from running and sprints on the treadmill to heavy weights on the floor.

Take a healthy cooking class

A lot of us are turned off by the idea of eating clean food, but when you learn to cook healthy, you can discover so many new flavors and ways of nourishing your body. Plus, it is always easier to make healthy changes when you can do it with someone you love.

Whole day negativity detox

Take the day to point out positive things about each other and show gratitude throughout the day. Even though this is something we should be doing every day, it is good to set aside time to fully commit to this idea. Try sharing ten things about each other that you love and appreciate. At the end of the day see how you feel and hold each other accountable if there is any complaining, pouting or irritability. It is a great exercise to appreciate life and one another.

Take a romantic walk after dinner

Walking after dinner is always a good idea. It has many health benefits, from digesting food better and burning off calories, to improving your heart health. It can be romantic too, and what better day than Valentine’s Day to hold each other’s hand and not go to bed with a full tummy.

Kiss and hug each other more

Physical affection releases Oxytocin in your brain which is the feel-good hormone that can increase the love you have for each other. It also reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. It is so crucial to be affectionate with each other and never lose this part of the relationship. It is a direct correlation of how much you love each other.

Indulge in a dinner that has health benefits

Dark chocolate, cheese, red wine, salmon, and steak – if eaten in moderation, are good for your well-being from making your heart healthy to helping your brain function better. Try not to overdo it though, one to two glasses of wine and a small piece of the dark chocolate is enough.

Try one or all of these tips to make a positive change with your partner this month.